Journey to Mother India


This devotional journey to Mother India led by Luisa Harsevak Kaur and Swaranpal Kaur will cultivate healing and joy with daily sadhana, yoga, meditation and fellowship.  We will travel inward and explore our true purpose to heal ourselves and our world.

The need and desire to retreat, even in the midst of the demands of life, BECAUSE of the demands of life is not a denial of our duty to our family and those we serve, it is a way we honor and refine our ability to serve. By joining in fellowship, tuning into the deep self, recalibrating with joy and intention, we bring our authentic selves out of hibernation and into the light of our families, communities and the world.

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A retreat in fellowship is both a return to self and an abandonment of self. We understand and meet the self, the source of delusion and of attachment to pleasure and we release her into the ocean of unity finding an experience deeper than pleasure, beyond self and beyond impermanent attachment. We find the souls we contracted to journey with and they together with us, lift the veils of anxiety, sadness and greed, so that we can flow into divine connection with all the world. Retreat in fellowship takes us beyond a vacation into a space where we can initiate ourselves into a deeper absorption with the truth. This absorption with the divine happens in retreat so much more easily than in life. Retreat in fellowship is like medicine for the social self. How can I find and experience an expansive joy with others? How can I savor this opportunity? How can I nurture this body so it can carry on the work of the spirit, the work of my soul?




"Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a far away land ... A land far away from the noise, distractions and convenience of our day to day living.  Imagine a land with color and beauty far beyond what the eye can see ...  a beauty rich in culture, spirituality and belief. 

I traveled to this land on a spiritual journey to Northern India this past winter and I have experienced first hand the gifts of this incredible treasure. With no expectations I applied for my visa and packed my bags. I allowed myself to be consumed and absorbed -- to be truly present in every way possible.  

I am so grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of this journey.  The women who started out being solely a name are now friends I hold close to my heart. We are bonded forever and I know that to be true in the most honest sense.  Our Kundalini Circle quickly became our family with each of us bringing something unique and splendid to the group. With Luisa at the helm, it seemed almost effortless that she navigated us all.  She quietly lead us through every aspect of the trip and handled details with ease and expertise. She was a joy to watch and a joy to be around. 

Words cannot fully describe the peace, grounding and tranquility that quickly enveloped each of us.  The reality is that for me the journey will never end and will always remain with me.  I close my eyes now and I don't have to imagine. I can reach deep within my core and relive every bit of my experience and spiritual journey."  

-CW | 2016 Journey


"I had the incredible pleasure of joining Luisa Harsevak Kaur's Kundalini Circle on an unforgettable journey to India in March 2016.  The experience was undeniably one of my most memorable and transformative thus far.  Harsevak has the incredible gift of teaching for she embodies such joy, such love, you can actually FEEL what she says, as if she were spinning silk with her words, a soft blanket for us to rest upon.   Throughout our journey, Harsevak created an environment of love, healing, peace, and openness which helped spark a curiosity to look inward and to deeply feel the transformation that was possible during our time together.  Her wisdom and inner light guided our path towards ourselves and one another in a way I could never have imagined possible.  To practice Kundalini Yoga in India and have Harsevak as our guide on all things spiritual and cultural was a gift unparalleled.  I treasured the experience of seeing India through Harsevak's eyes and simultaneously had the opportunity to develop my own relationship with this incredible country.  The culmination of our journey from Dehli to Neemrana, to Jaipur and then finally the Golden Temple in Amritsar is hard to describe with words.  At the Golden Temple, I felt a new type of love blossom from within and could see and feel that love in the eyes of all those who around me.  Our practice together leading up to our arrival in Amritsar prepared me for the gentle opening I felt in my heart that day and continue to feel today.  

I am new to Kundalini and felt immediately embraced by the simple yet deeply profound beauty in the practice.  My life, my heart, my soul has forever been touched by this experience with Harsevak Kaur and the circle of women who journeyed together.  What a gift it has been to feel the seeds of love, peace, and wisdom planted during the trip now blossom in my life at home with my family, my friends, my community.  I hope to take this journey with Harsevak Kaur again and for many years to come."

AE | 2016 Journey


I have long wanted to travel to India, but was never sure exactly how it would take shape. When I learned about Harsevak's trip, I knew it was time to just say "yes". I knew that like all of her offerings, the journey would hit the mark perfectly, marrying deep introspection with joyful cultural exploration. I knew I would feel safe, feel opened up and nurtured. Of course, Harsevak did not disappoint. With her years of personal experience and connections in India, she created a wonderful tapestry for us, woven with gorgeous scenery, incredible food and genuine interactions with localfriends. I went deep with my daily practice while there and had many breakthroughs. I also had so many light moments filled with levity and laughter. I made life-long friends and discovered new parts of myself. My biggest takeaway however was a reconnection to my devotion. Harsevak's journey to mother India helped me reawaken a dormant love in my heart and I came back changed. If India is beckoning, and you have the chance to travel with this teacher and this group, my advice would be to just say "yes"!

CG | 2017 Journey


If you are reading this, it may be because it is time. Time to answer the call to Mother India. An unparalleled vortex of spirituality, India teaches you on the level of felt experience. The expansion that I experienced while on this adventure is forever known to my soul and the artful balance of planning, ritual, and also nurturance and freedom that was provided on this trip was essential to cultivating this shift. Luisa is an alchemist and this was exactly the life potion I needed.

Kelly Brogan MD | 2017 Journey


Spending time with beautiful soul sisters (and a couple of equally beautiful brothers!), journeying through sacred lands, being taught by angels of wisdom, exploring one's divine nature, and the perfect pass through Jaipur for shopping your flights, grab your spot, settle in the bliss.
-Nam Piara Kaur | 2017 Journey



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