Yoga Therapy

I work with people on an individual basis to support them in deepening their relationship to spirit. Sessions are deeply and intuitively tailored to support my clients in remembering their purpose and healing trauma.  I see my clients as collaborators and co-journeyers, we partner to resolve disharmony and clear imbalance, we call on the great mystery to help untangle and heal, to fortify and nourish, to celebrate and to restore. Our areas of inquiry are spiritual, interpersonal, physical and narrative.  We use meditation as medicine, sound therapy, restful biomat sessions, yoga asana, kundalini kriya, pranayama, mantra, sacred ceremony and nature to craft a path towards destiny, prosperity, connection and purpose. I see myself as a coach, friend, teacher and witness and offer myself completely to you on your journey.

It is my preference to work with individuals for a six week series of meetings. I find that this structure leads to profound breakthroughs and acceleration. In that time we will cultivate a personal sadhana, clarify intentions through conversation, writing and reading and will seek to create new habits and patterns that serve your highest good.  Sessions are generally 90 minutes, best enjoyed in comfortable clothing and on a relatively empty tummy.  Please bring a journal, sacred objects, questions, themes, come with an open mind and a willingness to dig deep in the safe container of my beautiful healing space. 

I will joyfully work with you for a single session.  Please inquire if this best serves you.  

Though my practice has a special interest in working with women at times of transition, around themes of motherhood, pregnancy and sexuality, I welcome people at all stages of live, men and women both, I invite families and couples to join me in deeply healing and remembering.  


Energy is exchanged on a sliding scale.  Please inquire for current rates, available packages and current schedule. 

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