Workshops at Westways

Workshops offer an opportunity to dig deeply into the subject of exploration and often can be a catalyst for breakthroughs, gathering knowledge and expanding experience.  We invite healers and practitioners that we feel illuminate the path we walk to join and enrich our circle.  We are interested in ecology, spirituality, creativity and indigenous modes of healing and knowing that support happy, healthy and holy individuals, couples, families and communities.  Our workshops are full by invitation only and are not offered to the general public, if you are interested in joining, reach out and we will explore if it is a fit for you.  


Past workshops have included: Sound Healing Training with Jarrod and Melody, Healing with Roses by Jennifer Hickman, Astral Traveling: Walking the Realms of Light a Master Class with Guru Dharam, Walking the Red Road an Exploration of Plains Indian Spirituality with Robert Vetter, Healing with Vibrational Plant and Mineral Essences with Ro Giuliano.  Upcoming workshops include Expanding the Sensitive Space of Shuniya with Luisa Harsevak Kaur, Feeding the Whole Family with Felicia Derosiers, Moon Centers with Hari Kaur (TBD), Level One Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Medicine Training with the ISKY team, as well as Pre-Natal Yoga training with Luisa Harsevak and much much more.

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