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Journey to Mother India

We are beginning to assemble our tribe and already I perceive the rightness and knowingness of our group.  Each year, I am astounded by the breakthroughs and connections that are birthed on our journey. The themes that emerge are around resolution, embodiment, creativity and action.  I am envisioning a joyful energy of celebration woven through our inner and group expansion and growth. I am delighted to introduce my dear friend and collaborator, Swaranpal Kaur, who will be co-facilitating this deep dive into India with me this year.  Swaranpal is the real deal, a dedicated teacher and healer who holds beautiful space with solid integrity.  I have had the pleasure of visiting India countless times and feel uniquely positioned to support you in this life-affirming opportunity. Our friendship and collaboration is a richly nutritive source of meaning and joy in our lives, and together we will weave with you a profoundly healing journey to Mother India.  


We will spend 8 days practicing Kundalini yoga and meditation as well as engaging in ceremony and ritual designed to enliven your mind, soul and body. We will stay at beautiful and upscale heritage properties, eat lovely food, engage in genuine cultural exchanges and offer seva as well.  Our team includes long-treasured local friends and offers you a view of glorious India from inside a sacred web of authenticity.


Our trip is scheduled from March 5-13 and is $3,800. We will spend 5 devotional days and nights in a magical Rajasthani fort, two nights in Jaipur and a final night in Amritsar, home of the Golden Temple.  All intra-India transportation is included (not your flight from the US), every meal (except a handful during free time), local guidance and heritage tours, home visits, ashram visits, twice daily yoga and mediation and dedicated support through the process.  Prices are subject to a modest adjustment based on price of internal flight and hotel expenses which are subject to some variability, prices and itinerary details will be formalized prior to October 4th. Based on feedback, we have included more in the price this year for your ease and convenience.  This is not a low-budget ashram yoga trip, but a comfortable and well curated journey centered on offering you a sacred opportunity to fully embrace this moment in your life, to retreat from the daily and expand into a greater consciousness and fullness. 


Our goal is to offer you the highest level experience available and we are both fully committed to collaborate with you on this shared goal.  All rooms are double occupancy.  We offer a discount to alumni of our past trips and to couples or groups of friends traveling together, both men and women are welcome and people with all levels of practice will be engaged and welcomed with love. We have limited space on this trip, so ask that you heed the call before too much time elapses. We require a 1,000 Deposit by November 10th to reserve your space.

"If you are reading this, it may be because it is time. Time to answer the call to Mother India. An unparalleled vortex of spirituality, India teaches you on the level of felt experience. The expansion that I experienced while on this adventure is forever known to my soul and the artful balance of planning, ritual, and also nurturance and freedom that was provided on this trip was essential to cultivating this shift. Luisa is an alchemist and this was exactly the life potion I needed."
-Kelly Brogan MD
"I had the incredible pleasure of joining Luisa Harsevak Kaur's Kundalini Circle on an unforgettable journey to India in March 2016.  The experience was undeniably one of my most memorable and transformative thus far.  Harsevak has the incredible gift of teaching for she embodies such joy, such love, you can actually FEEL what she says, as if she were spinning silk with her words, a soft blanket for us to rest upon. Throughout our journey, Harsevak created an environment of love, healing, peace, and openness which helped spark a curiosity to look inward and to deeply feel the transformation that was possible during our time together.  Her wisdom and inner light guided our path towards ourselves and one another in a way I could never have imagined possible.  To practice Kundalini Yoga in India and have Harsevak as our guide on all things spiritual and cultural was a gift unparalleled.  I treasured the experience of seeing India through Harsevak's eyes and simultaneously had the opportunity to develop my own relationship with this incredible country.  The culmination of our journey from Dehli to Neemrana, to Jaipur and then finally the Golden Temple in Amritsar is hard to describe with words.  At the Golden Temple, I felt a new type of love blossom from within and could see and feel that love in the eyes of all those who around me.  Our practice together leading up to our arrival in Amritsar prepared me for the gentle opening I felt in my heart that day and continue to feel today." I am new to Kundalini and felt immediately embraced by the simple yet deeply profound beauty in the practice.  My life, my heart, my soul has forever been touched by this experience with Harsevak Kaur and the circle of women who journeyed together.  What a gift it has been to feel the seeds of love, peace, and wisdom planted during the trip now blossom in my life at home with my family, my friends, my community.  I hope to take this journey with Harsevak Kaur again and for many years to come." 
- Alexandra Elite
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